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Blog: Beat the election blues with Insight, our contract review software

Get your house in order. Politically, we live in unprecedented times. Who could have anticipated a triumph for the leave campaigners? Who knew that the SNP would seek a second Independence Referendum (#IndyRef2)? Who could believe Donald Trump would become POTUS, leader of the world’s strongest, most powerful economy with no experience of diplomacy or military service, and a reputation that’s dubious to say the least?

Blog: IVF – Cutting through the unknown

Most of us have heard of IVF and most parents are fortunate enough to conceive without intervention. Thankfully for the minority who do struggle to conceive naturally, there are a number of medical techniques available which can result in the conception and delivery of happy, healthy children.  One of these is IVF, or in vitro fertilisation. IVF is an assisted reproductive technology (ART) which offers an alternative route to natural conception. Common infertility problems eligible for IVF incl

Blog: Protect yourself from cyber attacks with Contract Insight

As the number of cyber attacks increases and the terror alert in the UK is raised to severe, we need to be aware of threats to our livelihoods all around us. Increasing globalisation, a complex hybrid cloud environment and the merging of the virtual workplace with the physical has opened up the world of digital business like never before. But not all the opportunities it presents are good ones. It’s a critical time to review all our security protocols.