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Sample: Thirsty work, the sport of kings

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Thirsty work, the sport of kings…

Ladies Day Perth 2017. Had a grand day out. Finally got the opportunity to redeem the tickets bought as Christmas presents for my mum and sisters. Brother in law tagged along too. It’s got to the point this month where we expect the sun. And we weren’t disappointed. Brilliant. In more ways than one.

So there we were, all togged up to the nines, at the rails, yelling encouragement, throwing money away – well £2 here and £5 there – on the sport of kings, wonderful gleaming thoroughbreds thundering past us, hell for leather.

What happens when you’re a) in the sun and b) yelling your head off? You get hot. And thirsty.  There’s a lot of bars at the racecourse – that won’t surprise anyone. And yes you can pretty much get whatever you want to drink – champagne – ooh expensive. Prosecco – bit acidic. Pimms – too sweet for my liking. Beer and cider – not for me. Gin – yes but no downers today thanks…

Tried the pink wine. Could feel the headache coming on already. Sent the brother in law off to find something else. Called me on the mobile – what about Cairn o’Mohr? Oh that sounds interesting – I’ve had it before. What’ve they got? Well he reeled off a list of yummy sounding wines – strawberry, raspberry, bramble. We plumped for the elderflower. Delicious.

Funny thing drinking Cairn o’Mohr. It definitely helps the thirst. So how come we kept on drinking? Because it’s delicious, that’s why. And kinda nice to think that for us – Ladies Day at Perth Races, a fine Scottish institution – is now synonymous with another.

We’re going back to Ladies Day next year. A whole year to wait. Fortunately – for me – Cairn o’Mohr’s just up the road. I’m not going to wait another year to try a different vintage…

Signed: A convert.